How you can help

Donate aid

Although the Jungle has gone there are still refugees throughout Northern France, living in very deprived and inhumane conditions. The Help Refugees and Care 4 Calais warehouses support them and are in need of small & medium men’s warm clothing and some items of personal toiletries.

We are sending a wider range of items on to refugees in (or near) Syria, and in Greece and Serbia, where they need women, children and babies items too.

We are also supporting refugees in this country both locally and though our partners in Bristol: Aid Box Community.

Please click here for full and specific item lists, times and places for our Frome, Glastonbury and Bruton donation drop points.


We welcome volunteers at our donation drops in Frome on Monday afternoons. Tasks include receiving, sorting and packing donations. Please email

If you are planning to take a vehicle to France and could deliver even a box or two of aid to the warehouse near Calais, we would love to hear from you. Please email:

If you have a vehicle and can drive locally, collecting donations or delivering aid to other warehouses (primarily in Taunton or Bristol), please email:

If you have some technical skills, such as unlocking mobile phones, or poster design, we’d love to hear from you at:

If you can print, distribute and display donation drop or event poster or fliers, in your town or village, you could help. Please email: and we will email you copies.

From time to time we have various practical challenges you might help us with, such as cleaning and decorating a home for a refugee family, cutting down wellies to make crocs, or helping run a stall at an event. If you could offer such help please email:

Help unaccompanied asylum seeking children in Somerset

For more information on how you could help, including fostering, helping with language skills, and mentoring, please click here.


If you could help us by holding fundraising event we’d love to hear from you, and can help with promoting it. If necessary we can arrange for you to have a free online crowdfunding page, which can benefit from gift aid. Please email:

Keep in touch

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