How you can help

We are taking part in the national Choose Love campaign collecting hygiene products for Lesvos on Saturday 3rd October 2020.

For this donation drop we will only be accepting a limited range of things:

  • nappies (new or opened, but not reusable, sizes 4 & 5 are most in demand but all are needed),
  • new and unused toiletries: toothpaste, roll-on deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, and bars of soap,
  • sanitary towels and
  • double layer washable face masks.

These items will be distributed to refugees via the Attika warehouse in Lesvos, Greece.

Our drop of point is at the Fair Frome office, behind Frome Town Hall, Christchurch Street West, Frome BA11 1EB and this will only be between 10am & 12 midday on 3rd October.

If you email we can give you a timed delivery slot. Otherwise you may have to wait in a socially distanced queue.

Please do not bring other items as we are not yet able to accept the full range of items that we usually do.

For further information about this campaign and information on other donation drop points please see the Help Refugees Choose Love website:

We are hoping to do a similar donation drop in November which will be solely for tents, sleeping bags and blankets for Northern France: more info to follow.

Please note that our donation drops will be closed after Monday 16th March 2020 until the risks of Coronavirus have passed.

We do not take this decision lightly as we know people still need the clothes and other items you so kindly donate. However it seems only sensible that we socially distance as much as we can in order to slow the spread of infection in our community and protect our health services.

We intend to resume our services in due course, so if you find time during the next while to clear out your wardrobe, please do put suitable items to one side for us.

We wish you well in this difficult period: please take care of yourself and your neighbours.

If you would like to continue to support refugees during this period, we suggest making a one-off or regular payment to Refugee Community Kitchen:

Although the Jungle has gone there are still refugees throughout Northern France, living in very deprived and inhumane conditions. The Help Refugees and Care 4 Calais warehouses support them and are in need of small & medium men’s warm clothing and some items of personal toiletries.

We are sending a wider range of items on to refugees in (or near) Syria, and in Greece and Serbia, where they need women, children and babies items too.

We are also supporting refugees in this country both locally and though our partners in Bristol: Aid Box Community.

Please click here for full and specific item lists, times and places for our Frome, Glastonbury and Bruton donation drop points.


We always welcome people who can fundraise on our behalf. In the past volunteers have held clothes ‘swishing’ sessions with friends, done car boot sales, jumble sales, held stalls at events (we can sometimes provide items for sale), held music events, and put on alternative nativities. The money raised allows us to respond to urgent appeals within our networks, and as we have very few overheads nearly all our money is spent on buying or transporting aid.

If you have a vehicle and can drive locally, collecting donations or delivering aid to other warehouses (primarily in Taunton or Bristol), please email:

We currently have enough volunteers to help at our sorting and packing sessions in Frome, but volunteers are needed at RAFT in Taunton. If you are considering volunteering abroad, then IndiGO Volunteers can match you with an organisation needing help. We may also be able to put you in touch with someone who can tell you about their experience of volunteering abroad.

Hand crafted items such as knitted hats, scarves, 12″ squares for blankets and pocket sized teddies are always much appreciated and we are very happy to receive them at any of our donation drop points.

If you can print, distribute and display donation drop or event poster or fliers, in your town or village, you could help. Please email: and we will email you copies.

If you are planning to take a vehicle to France and could deliver even a box or two of aid to the warehouse near Calais, we would love to hear from you. Please email:

Help unaccompanied asylum seeking children in Somerset

For more information on how you could help, including fostering, helping with language skills, and mentoring, please click here.

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