Somerset Smiles are flooding in!

Our Somerset Smiles campaign is going brilliantly, with stacks of bags being left at all our drop off points!

Especial thanks go to the pupils at St Julian’s primary school in Wellow, who not only gave us many wonderful gifts for Somerset Smiles bags, but also this lovely press release!



It’s not too late if you still haven’t dropped your Somerset Smiles bags in. The giving of these gifts ties in with Christmas but most of the children receiving the bags will be Muslim, and they’ll be given the bags in the New Year. So please keep them coming!

1 thought on “Somerset Smiles are flooding in!

  1. Brenda & Sandra

    We’d like to say a heartfelt thanks from Help for Dominica for your donation, which we’ve recently posted about on our Facebook page. The children really loved everything and it’s brought a lot of smiles, and many happy hours!



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