February update

Sorry this is going to be incredibly brief as I’ve broken my right arm!

In short, since my last update:

  • our appeal for 100 filled handbags for women in refugee camps was vastly exceeded: we managed to fit in 325, plus suitcases and pushchairs, to join the other vital aid taken by Hope and Aid Direct to Thessaloniki and Lesvos, and have 85 more bags packed and ready to go on the next trip;
  • our Winter Survival appeal is still going well. We’ve already raised £1,045, most of which we’ve already spent on SNUG packs and sleeping bags, many of which have already been sent out for distribution to those sleeping rough in mainland Europe;
  • we have also managed to send several van loads of sorted and packed aid to RAFT in Taunton for Syria;
  • we got a sorting and packing backlog during January when our focus was on the handbags, but our wonderful volunteer team managed to catch up and are now eagerly awaiting more donations;
  • meanwhile the situation continues to be dire for many refugees in Europe and the Middle East, so your help is very much needed.

More information on what aid we are collecting is here: https://raise.today/how-you-can-help-now/frome-donation-drops/ 

And if you can donate money please do so here: https://raise.today/how-you-can-help-now/frome-donation-drops/

More news, links and pictures next time!

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