Welcome to RAISE – Refugee Action In Somerset East.

This group originated when Justine Corrie wanted to do something to help refugees in Calais and put out a message on her facebook page. The idea quickly grew through the power of facebook and the energy and commitment of people in Bruton, Frome and Glastonbury. Our Facebook group now has over 2,000 members, and is still our primary means of organisation: please join it and participate.

We currently:

  • collect and sort donations of aid and deliver or send them to refugees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa;
  • offer support to refugees who have arrived in the UK;
  • provide a network to enable people who want to ‘do something’ to make a real difference;
  • fundraise to support our own work and that of other groups working for refugees;
  • raise awareness and lobby politicians.

People in this group come from very different backgrounds (political, religious, interest etc) but are all here to help handle the humanitarian crisis in France and beyond. Our focus is on what brings us together and how we can organise to help. We are funded entirely by donations and have no paid staff.