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Save Our Soles 2019!

Following the success of our winter socks appeal in 2018, and the recent (desperate) socks appeal from groups helping refugees in Northern France, we’ve decided that our Winter 2019 appeal should be for socks again!

There are two differences this year: firstly that this year we’ve increased our target by 50% to 1,500 pairs, and secondly we are accepting used socks as well as new socks this year, but they must be washed and in good condition: absolutely no holes!

In order to launch our appeal, we are absolutely thrilled that The Good Heart cafe in Palmer Street, Frome, will be receiving donations of socks (and money for socks) on our behalf at their ‘Feast of Kindness‘ next Wednesday, 13th November. Full details are on their World Kindness Day flier below.

If you can’t make it next Wednesday, we will be collecting donations of socks (or cash for socks) every Monday lunchtime up to and including Monday 23rd December at the Cheese & Grain cafe, 12.00 – 14.00 (along with other items on our needs list). Donations of socks and other aid can also be made at our regular donation drop points in Bruton and Glastonbury.

For those who’d prefer to donate online, our Just Giving page has now gone live: The money donated will go direct to Help Refugees so they can buy socks in bulk. Please tick the Gift Aid box if you can: it really helps!

We will be posting regular updates on our progress on Facebook as usual.

We will be sending the socks you donate on through our regular distribution channels as soon as we receive them, so if you bring some in this week they could well be being worn well before Christmas!

Thank you for your help!

Save Our Soles!

This year our winter appeal is for 1,000 pairs of socks. Having warm, dry feet is a basic human need, and links directly to well-being and health. Many refugees will not have even this essential comfort that most of us take for granted. In this campaign we aim to collect donations of both new socks and money to buy socks.

sos square

The socks donated will be given to refugees in Calais, Greece and Syria through our normal distribution networks. We welcome socks for men, women and children, but please make them new winter socks! They can be dropped off at our regular donation drop points in Frome, Bruton and Glastonbury, and we hope to add more sock-specific donation drop points just for this appeal.

If you would like to donate money so socks can be bought at bulk prices you can do this on our special fundraising page: The money we raise in this way will go direct to Help Refugees, and will be earmarked for this purpose only.

We would love it if you or your community group, school, college or workplace would like to get involved, either by holding a ‘sock drop’ for us, or by holding a fundraising event. This might include a coffee morning, clothes swishing event, car boot or jumble sale: anything (legal) really!

Please do contact us if you’d like a flier or poster to support your sock drop, or if we can help you promote your sock drop or fundraising event by posting it in our facebook group!


The Women & Children’s Centre, & Volunteer Welfare

By Justine Corrie

I’ve just started a new fundraising campaign to support the work I’m doing in Calais, specifically:

The Women & Children’s centre & Volunteer Welfare.

There are over 1700 supporters our facebook group – if everyone gave just £10 this Christmas that could raise over £17,000!! Just think what could be achieved with that!

I’ve now completed 2 successful missions to Calais and proven I can get stuff done. I’ve made invaluable contacts on the ground and am in a good position to understand the changing -needs and what’s required in the camp.

I want to get more stuff done! Please help by supporting this fundraising campaign!

Please donate & share. Thank you!

Support ‘Aid for Calais & beyond – Christmas Appeal’ by donating or sharing today!