Donate in Bruton

Office hours on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
Mill on the Brue, Trendle Lane, Bruton BA10 0BA (map below)

The items you  can donate in Bruton are:

  • men’s clothes: especially smaller sizes, new underwear (preferably jersey boxers), warm and easy dry clothing like fleeces and tracksuit trousers, hoodies, jackets, waterproof trousers, footwear especially trainers sizes 40-43, walking boots, hats, gloves, scarves;
  • women’s clothing: especially new underwear, extra small, small & medium sizes, tracksuit bottoms, long sleeved tops, boots and shoes (no heels), maternity wear. Only modest clothing please: nothing skimpy, no evening or beach wear;
  • teenage boys clothing (ages 12-17 or small men’s): especially new underwear, tracksuit bottoms, jeans, hoodies, trainers (ideally black, 40-43);
  • clothes for children and babies, especially new underwear, easy care clothes, teenage girls clothing must be modest. No school uniforms;
  • wind-up or solar torches & lanterns, mobile phones (preferably unlocked), 3 mobile network SIMs, Lycra sims, blankets, tents (1-2 person pop-up), rucksacks, day packs, fire extinguishers;
  • bedding: sleeping bags, duvets, pillow cases and duvet covers in dark neutral colours, camping mats, foil emergency blankets, hand warmers;
  • cold & flu relief packs for those on the streets: small packs tissues, nasal spray, cough mixture, throat lozenges, cold relief capsules, vaseline, lip balm, facial moisturiser;
  • hygiene: toilet paper, men’s razors, wash bags, men’s deodorant, travel sized items: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner. Baby wipes, nappies (nos 4, 5 & 6), sanitary towels (no tampons);
  • medical: bandages, hand sanitiser, incontinence pads & pants, plasters, zimmer frames, spectacles, wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks;
  • baby carriers, travel cots, pushchairs;
  • large cardboard boxes, parcel tape, permanent markers, thick rubber bands;
  • please only donate clean dry items in good condition. If you wouldn’t buy it – don’t give it. No stains, damage, missing parts, rips, holes, broken zips, inappropriate slogans, camouflage, etc.;
  • we are now accepting both summer and winter clothing.

For large (full car) loads, and larger items such as zimmer frames, wheelchairs etc it would help if you would take them straight to Frome (see below).

Click here to for information on our FROME donation drop