Collecting now…

We have now opened the first of our 2016 donation points for the next trip to Calais.
The items we are be collecting this time are:

  • sleeping bags;
  • blankets (fleecy rather than woollen);
  • pairs of waterproof ankle high walking boots or trainers sizes 38-45 (especially sizes 42 & 43);
  • warm, waterproof winter coats or jackets;
  • mens tracksuit bottoms or waterproof trousers (preferably small & medium);
  • mens long sleeved tops, jumpers, hoodies (preferably fleecy / easy to dry);
  • clothes for boys aged 10 – 14 (especially tracksuit bottoms and hoodies);
  • warm socks, hats, gloves, scarves;
  • rucksacks;
  • wind up torches and lanterns.

It is cold and damp in the Jungle so please give things that will dry quickly and easily, and please donate items that are clean and undamaged.

Please do not give us other items not on the list as it only creates extra work for our volunteers in sorting and disposing of them!

It would help us if you could deliver your items in plastic sacks and put a label on the outside to say what items you have packed.

The donation point for BRUTON is:
Mill on the Brue, Trendle Farm, Bruton BA10 0BA
Drop-off times are: 10.30-12.30 Tuesdays and 14.00-16.00 Thursdays
(or ring 01749 812307 to arrange an alternative).

A donation point in FROME will be announced shortly!