Frome: Dorothy House furniture store

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  • Dorothy House furniture store
    Unit 2, Enterprise House, Wessex Fields, Frome, BA11 4DH
    (near Sainsburys on the outskirts of Frome)
    01225 255238

    This charity shop is smaller than the Warminster one, and so there is less choice: there were only 2 beds there when I visited, for instance. It is however close to both the Rotary Club shop in the middle of Frome, and on the way to Warminster so you might be able to visit 2 shops on the same journey.

    You can get to Frome by train but the train station is not close to this shop. If your host can’t help then a Bruton Supports Ukraine volunteer driver might take you.

    Some photos that I took in October 2022 are below, although obviously many of these items will have sold by now and new things will have arrived.

    It is worth noting that this was the only charity shop that actually had the televisions plugged in and turned on, so that you could see what the quality of the picture was like.

    This is probably the closest charity furniture shop to Bruton, and the delivery charge is cheaper than the other shops I visited too.