Volunteer Welfare

Caring for the carers in Calais.

Many of the long-term volunteers are regular people like you or me who had travelled to Calais (or beyond) for a short time only to find they could not leave. They felt compelled to stay and do whatever they can to help the situation. Some live within the camp itself. Many are stretched beyond their capacity and are in need of 1:1 support as well as community support sessions around specific issues such as burn-out, secondary trauma etc.

On her second visit Justine, who is a trained therapist, was able to offer some 1:1 therapy sessions to some of the core volunteers as well as discuss future possibilities to support long-term volunteer welfare.

Justine has proved she can deliver and get stuff done effectively, and has built invaluable relationships both with on-the-ground volunteers and agencies, local UK networks and refugees themselves, to help enable getting more stuff done!

You can donate to support Justine in this work here.